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Booking Process

Curious what this process is like and what is involved? No worries, we're here to help!

The first step is for you to get your hands on our pricing brochure which outlines all packages and services we offer for your big day. Simply fill out the bridal inquiry and a short questionnaire will be sent. This questionnaire not only determines which artists would be the best fit for you, but how many artists would be needed so that I can check their availability before forwarding pricing just to find out they're no longer free! Once I have received the questionnaire and determined we can accommodate your party the pricing brochure will be sent. 

Once your receive the brochure you will find each of the custom packages we offer as well as each individual service and all pricing and descriptions of services. You will have the ability to select all services you are interested in directly on the brochure and submit that information to us. Please note the brochure MUST be submitted in order to determine the travel quote if applicable. I frequently get asked for the travel costs but a lot of factors are involved in if and how much and I need the brochure submissions to make the final quote.

Upon receipt of your selections, a proposal will be drafted which will contain your full quote as well as the bridal contract containing all policy, terms and conditions for your review and consideration.  

Once you have reviewed and are happy with the proposal you can sign it and pay the retainer which will be 35% of your contract balance. 

If you have chosen to do a trial we will schedule your trial. If you have chosen a package, we will also book your additional services at this time.

Wedding Day

If you have chosen to have us come to you, we will arrive on site 15-30 before agreed upon appointment time to set up. We will have all products and tools needed to complete your services. 

We will need access to power outlets, a table, chairs and sufficient room to work.

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