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lash extensions: classic lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, volume lash extensions and mega volume lash extensions. 

Lash Extensions


Lash extensions are synthetic individual lashes varying in length and weight, which are applied to the natural lash. Care is taken to ensure the length and weight of the extension is no more than the natural lash can handle.

Styles can be customized in many different way including cat eye (longer lengths on the ends) and doll eye (longer lengths over the pupil) as well as textured to look spikey and wispy (think Kardashian or stip lash look) or fluffy and uniform.

Extensions can range from super natural with a single extensions applied to each natural lash up to very full and dramatic with up to 15 extensions per lash. The amount of extensions each lash can hold is calculated by a mathematical equation which takes each natural lash into account as well as the length of the extension I plan to use and the diameter of that lash. 

Each natural lash is meticulously isolated ensuring no lashes are stuck together. This is important as each natural lash grows at a different rate and if lashes are clumped together, as one lash grows it can rip the other attached natural lash from the root. 

Fills are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain desired look. Aftercare is extremely important to ensure longevity of your lashes!

**It is important to note here that I book up 6-8 weeks in advance so if you are booking a full set it is recommended to go ahead and book 3 or 4 fills as well as there may not be an opening if you wait until your appointment.**

Classic Lash Extensions are a larger diameter lash extensions meant to be used as singles. These lashes will be applied one extensions to one natural lash for a natural look that provides a bit more length. This is the most natural look


Classic Lashes

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a technique which incorporates 2-6 smaller diameter, lighter weight lash extensions into a tiny volume 'fan' which will be placed on each individual natural lash. The number of lashes in each fan will vary depending on the look you want as well as how much weight each natural lash can hold.


Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes is a combination lash set which combines single, large diameter classic lashes with small volume fans for a unique, textured look. This set can still look natural but provide a bit of added volume and length.


Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume is an advanced volume technique which applies 6-15 volume fans to an individual natural lash.  This is the fullest look and shorter lengths are recommended to maintain the health of the natural lash. 


How to clean lash extensions

Proper cleansing of lash extensions is CRUCIAL for not only longevity of the lashes but overall lash health and appearance. Dirty volume lashes will clump together trapping oil, makeup, dead skin cells as well as many environmental elements in the lash line. This not only creates an unsightly set of lash extensions but risks infection!

Before Your Appointment

I use super sharp tweezers and separating lashes is a very delicate procedure. You must stay completely still for the treatment. Constant fidgeting will make it difficult for me to do my job and make the appointment take longer.

-I suggest no caffeine before the appointment as this can make it difficult for you to relax.

-Your lashes cannot get wet for 24 hours please workout, shower etc before your appointment!

-A tip to keep you relaxed is bring headphones and listen to music during your treatment.

-Avoid face creams and mascara before appointment

After Your Appiontment

-No moisture of any kind for the first 24 hours following an appointment

-Wash your lashes 2-3 times a week.

-Brush them out once they are dry.

Retention Troubleshooting

-face creams with glycol or glycerin

-used waterproof mascara before appointment

-foundation or concealers around the eyes migrating

-thyroid imbalance

-menstrual cycle (2-3 days before and after menstruation, there is a restructuring of hormones and hormones play a huge role in lash retention)

-increased tears for various reasons.


-hormonal imbalance

-excessively oily skin and lashes

-touching lashes too frequently

-sleeping face down on the pillow


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