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Lash Services

Learn more about lash styles, aftercare and other frequently asked questions.

Classic Full Set  


Volume Full Set


Hybrid Full Set


Mega Volume Full Set


   -   $175

-   $65  

   -   $200

-   $75

   -   $225

-   $85

   -   $250

-   $95

Fill over another artist work-pricing will vary dependent on the quality of work and amount of lashes remaining.

Learn more about lift and tint, aftercare and other frequently asked questions.

Lash Lift and Tint

Lash Lift

Lash Tint





please email pictures of your extensions if I am doing a fill over another artists work.

If you are interested in booking a lash extension appointment you must complete the intake form.

Additionally, you must read and comply with all pre-appointment restrictions before your scheduled appointment.

Have you had extensions before?
Do you wear makeup frequently and/or use a lot of skincare products?

Thanks for submitting!

Pre-Appointment restrictions


If any of the following conditions apply, you may be ineligible for lash extensions.

pink eye-must be cleared up

thyroid condition-usually results in poor retention

tricotillomania-cannot service

eye drops-certain eye drops cause poor retention

hormone therapy, irregulation or changes-hormones play a huge role in lash retention

Face/side sleeper- the constant pressure and friction can cause breakage, damage and poor lash retention

medications for any of the following may result in more frequent fills

  • acne

  • allergies

  • anticoagulants

  • autoimmune disease

  • birth control

  • epilepsy

  • depression

  • weight loss

  • dry eye syndrome

  • glaucoma

  • gout

  • high blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • Parkinson's

  • thyroid

  • ulcers

  • cancer

If you fail to follow these guidelines you may have unsatisfactory results or we may not be able to complete the appointment

Discontinue or refrain from the following:

12 hours prior:
all caffeine/energy products-these products may make your eyes flutter profusely making it extremely difficult or impossible to properly isolate and lash you.

2 Weeks Prior:
You must not have any fresh permanent makeup (brow or eyeliner tattooing)


-botox must be at least 4 weeks prior.

Tips for your appointment

tips to ensure your lash appointment flows as quickly and smoothly as possible

earbuds- the more relaxed you are the quicker and more efficiently I can work. Listening to an audio book or music that you like can set you at ease.

no talking-when you talk it moves your cheeks which may result in the pads and tape on the bottom lashes shifting up and scratching the eye

keep movement to a minimum-while cracking your knuckles or wiggling your feet may not seem like big movements, any little movements tend to affect the eyes which makes it difficult to properly isolate the lashes and properly adhering the extension to the lash.

no cell phone use-as stated above talking makes my job difficult and will slow your service.

turn your ringer off- leaving your ringer on is a safety hazard. When clients are taking their lash nap and I am in the zone, a sudden loud beep or ringer can surprise me and cause me to jump. These tweezers are VERY sharp, trust me, you do not want to be poked in the eyelid. Besides that its disruptive and causes me to lose concentration.

squinting/squeezing lids tight together-if your eyes are sensitive and you have tendency to squeeze your eyes repeatedly you may not be a good candidate for extensions. When you suddenly squeeze the lids together it will pull the extensions tightly together causing them to stick or repeatedly pull extensions I am trying to place, out of the tweezer. 

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