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Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Don't Get Caught Without it!

To make sure that everything goes as planned, couples should create a wedding day emergency kit filled with items to address any issue - big or small - that may arise unexpectedly. From aspirin to safety pins, this article will provide a list of essential items that must go in your emergency kit to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch!

  • aspirin, ibuprofen

  • antacid

  • bandaids

  • eye drops

  • allergy meds

  • any inhalers or prescriptions necessary

  • toothbrush/toothpaste

  • tissues

  • tampons/pads (you never know who may spring a leak!)

  • deodorant

  • qtips

  • hand sanitizer

  • Lipstick to touch up through the night

  • oil blot sheet

  • hairspray

  • perfume

  • tweezers

  • nail file

  • lash glue

  • lint brush

  • bobby pins

  • small sewing kit

  • double stick tape

  • anti slip pads for heels

  • safety pins

  • scissors (cutting bouquet ribbons, price tags, packaging, ribbons on veil/headpieces)

  • stain remover

  • phone charger

  • flats/flip flops/slippers

  • water

  • drink straws

  • protein snacks

  • gum

  • booze

  • finger foods

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