Water Balm Skin Prep

This little guy was the first product I tried by this line and was purchased as a base for bridal makeup to move away from using primers.

Its a five-in-one multi-purpose gel crème that kicks your parched skin in the ass. Great for travel, Water Balm is your moisturizer, toner/serum, day cream, night cream, and makeup primer all in one. Plump up fine lines and wrinkles and any skin issues you may have and be smooth as a baby's bum.


sexApeel™ Instant Exfoliation Spray

This was my second purchase through this line to help when brides and brides maids have super flaky skin that no amount of primer or makeup is going to look good. 

I used this on my face for a few weeks but since I already had a solid skin care regimen that included exfoliation I couldn't tell a huge difference. Just a bit....until I tried it on my body.....WHAT A GAME CHANGER!!! This is the quickest, least reactive exfoliation I have ever experienced!

Instantly exfoliate your face and body with a quick sweep of the hands. Sexapeel™️ is a gommage exfoliation that is popular in Korea. Sexapeel™️ leaves your skin free of all the nasty crusty flakes. You'll be a smooth operator.


Water Elixir 

This guys is refreshing and superb for those with highly reactive, sensitive skin.


A light, liquid moisturizer and serum in one that helps your extremely parched skin feel normal again. Improves the skin's texture so that makeup lays nicely on the skin. Helps relieve dehydration, dryness, redness, and malnourishment in your skin.


Water Oil

This stuff combined with water elixir has been a God send during these dryer months on my skin. Dont be scared of the "oil". Alot of people with oily skin over dry their skin which causes the skin to kick into over drive and produce even more oil to rehydrate. Believe it or not, dehydrated and dry, oily skin is something I frequently come across doing makeup and is one of the most difficult skin types to leave looking flawless.

A lightweight, dual-phase facial oil that is not only lubricating but hydrating. Great for all skin tones. Yes, even you, oily skin.

Your skin needs hydration (Japanese Spring Water) and lubrication (oils) to be balanced for aging gracefully.

Water Oil marries oil and Japanese Spring Water together to create the most amazing facial oil you will ever put on your face. This might be my personal favorite from my entire line. (Don't tell my other skincare children.)

A must have all, but exceptional for 40+ dealing with menopausal skin issues on top of sensitivitiy. 


Full Skincare line

Ready to start truly taking care of your skin? Try the full line! This package also include a bar soap specifically made for cleansing makeup brushes. 

This line is created by a makeup artist and esthetician who has been practicing for 30 years. 

1. Start with Sexapeel: spray a little on your face or on your fingers and begin rubbing in small circular motions for a few seconds then rinse off.

2. Next follow with the Japanese cleansing oil. Place onto a small cotton round and wipe the entire face thoroughly and rinse the face thoroughly.

3. Follow with Water Elixir: place a couple of pumps directly into the finger tips and then press gently into the face.

4. Next grab your Water Oil (shake the bottle very well) put a couple of pumps on your fingertips and then rub in small circular motions around your face


5. Finally grab your Water Balm and lately massage into the face.


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