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Tattoo Removal


Li-Ft Saline Lightening

Li-FT is a saline based tattoo lightening solution. Li-FT is an all natural, hypertonic solution that contains no acids and no chemicals.


Li-Ft uses the process of osmosis to 'lift' pigment to the surface.

During the procedure Li-Ft solution is implanted into the skin using a small, handheld permanent makeup tattooing device. Once the solution is implanted into the skin it begins to draw water from the cells beneath the pigment which contains lower amounts of salt
and water will rise to the area containing higher concentrations of salt pulling pigment along with it.

-Most will require multiple sessions. 

-A minimum of 8 weeks is required between sessions.

-Tattoos which have been lasered previously will take long since laser works opposite by pushing pigment deeper into the body.

Expect to have scabbing for about 2 weeks! The most important factor about saline removal is leaving the scabs intact as long as possible. This means keeping the area completely dry and never picking or manipulating the scabs in in way. The healing process is different for everyone but most will not be done scabbing for between 7-14 days. In the mean time NO MAKEUP or coverups of any kind can be used. Failure to follow these rules will result in very poor results and require more sessions! poor results.

Emergency Removal

If you have had permanent makeup done within the last 48 hours, emergency removal can be done to immediately remove a majority of the implanted pigment before it has began to heal! After the 48 hour window you must wait at least 6 weeks for the skin to heal and begin the normal removal process.

The emergency removal process is non-invasive and will not cause scaring, burns, hair removal or any of the typical laser removal side effects!

Message for a consultation to get you in asap!

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